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Guangzhou Hengde and MIT professor reached a concrete nanotechnology cooperation

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  In recent years, nanotechnology as a cutting-edge technology in the application of concrete is booming, has become a hot spot in the field of concrete technology research … and nano material technology can improve the performance of various aspects of concrete, such as improving strength, improving durability, Without vibrating, etc., green safe and high quality concrete products can be produced and used more and more in buildings.
  Guangzhou Hengde signed a nanotechnology cooperation with MIT professor Zeng Tingying
  According to the latest authoritative ARWU review, the number one in the world of nanotechnology is MIT. Zeng Tingying is a well-known American scientist. He is currently a senior scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a dean of the Boston Institute of Advanced Studies. He has been engaged in nanomaterials and technology research for nearly 22 years. He has worked in the United States for 17 years and has 12 foreign patents. 5; hosted several US Natural Science Foundation (NSF), NASA programs, the US Department of Energy program (DOE), and the MIT Energy Program Program (MITEI)。
  Guangzhou Hengde and MIT professor reached a concrete nanotechnology cooperation
  Research areas: First, the application of thermal insulation building materials, and second, inorganic nanotechnology.
  In order to improve the waterproofness of the concrete material, the heat preservation property has a remarkable effect.
  Guangzhou Hengde and MIT professor reached a concrete nanotechnology cooperation
  In February 2018, Guangzhou Hengde Technical Director Shao Gong personally visited the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the United States on the application of foam concrete and nanotechnology. He also met Professor Zeng and his technical research team at the Massachusetts Labor Union and visited the school and nanotechnology research laboratory.
  During the trip to the United States, for Guangzhou Hengde, a better understanding and precise design of foam concrete from the nano level will create a new generation of higher strength and more reliable concrete materials with better physical properties. At the same time, this new concrete should be sustainable and cost-effective and energy-conforming, in line with current social development needs and national policy directions. In the field of foam concrete, Guangzhou Hengde is once again at the forefront of industry development, because combining nanotechnology with foam concrete applications may be the next breakthrough innovation.
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