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Hengde participated in the compilation of the industry standard for "Building Waste Reclaimed Sand Powder"

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Under the requirements of energy saving, environmental protection, waste and land saving development in the domestic wall industry, the non-steam aeration block becomes the main product of wall materi

Under the requirements of energy saving, environmental protection, waste and land saving development in the domestic wall industry, the non-steam aeration block becomes the main product of wall materials in the future, which has been used and tested in the construction. Has been widely recognized by the design and construction departments, in the market awareness of increasing, and received unanimous praise.

The excellent performance of non-steam aerating block: mainly made of cement, river sand, foaming agent and water, adding a variety of admixtures, a new type of environmental protection wall material made of scientific compounding, full stirring, mixing and high pressure foaming, it has high strength, Light bulk weight, bottom price, heat insulation, good sound absorption, thermal conductivity, low water absorption, etc. As a unique new type of wall material high-tech product, the non-steam aeration block has changed the past "beam thick, column fat," The structure image of "deep foundation" has completely reversed the backward operation mode of "one brick and two stoops" of construction workers in the past, and the non-steam aeration block will be able to push forward the reform process of wall in our country.

New environmental protection wall material investment

The characteristics of the equipment of the OFU non-evapotranspiration feeding block are as follows:

Small investment, flexible specifications. Traditional aerated concrete equipment investment of more than 10 million yuan, simple production of 6 million yuan. On the other hand, the small scale production of foamed concrete (non-steam filling block equipment) only needs more than 100,000 yuan, and the large-scale production is only several hundred thousand yuan. The investment scale from 100000 yuan to 800000 yuan can be easily chosen, and the investment scale is very flexible. Can be self-employed, but also enterprise production.

Non-steam aerating block equipment can produce products in half a month, and income can be seen in that month, while it takes 1-2 years for traditional aerated concrete equipment to build a single plant.

The production mode of non-steam-free aerating block equipment is flexible and easy to implement. Foamed concrete not only can produce block, but also can be casted on site. It can be produced either by fixed production line or by moving production, and can be trained for 3 to 5 days for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Non-steam-free aerating block equipment can be multi-purpose, many products, large market coverage, easy to replace products. Using a production line, only need to change different molds, can change products, as many kinds of molds, there are many products, transformation products do not need to replace equipment.

Non-steam filling block equipment can produce ultra-light products. The density of aerated concrete at present is mostly under 500-700kg/m3.500 kg/m3. It is very difficult to produce less than 300 kg/m3. No product is available, while foamed concrete can produce 200-300 kg/m3 ultra-low density blocks. Such ultra-low density products are not produced by aerated concrete.

The blocks produced by non-steam-free foam concrete aerated block equipment meet the relevant national standards. The bulk density is 560KG / M3, the thermal conductivity is 0.06-0.08W/ (m.k), the pressure is 3.5-5Mpa. it has the characteristics of fire proof, sound insulation, heat preservation, moisture proof and light weight.

The equipment is of good quality, high strength, light weight, heat preservation, water resistance, sound insulation, non-combustion, and meets the requirements of wall materials.

Compared with other wall materials, this project has less investment, higher output and shorter cycle.

The equipment cost is low and the output value is high. In addition, the use of fly ash lightweight wall material can increase the use area, reduce the building weight, easy installation, high construction efficiency, and the production does not need to be fired or evaporated.


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